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With over 25 years of coffee roasting experience, Perk & Brew has created and developed over 100 blends and flavors.

Just ask any of our customers who order their weekly fix. They'll tell you that we roast their coffee fresh everyday. Additionally, we only purchase the finest Arabica beans from around the world which is sample roasted and cupped. Our Probat coffee roaster enhances the subtle nuances of this perfect cup assuring them of the finest coffee around.

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Embrace The Difference
    If your business focuses on volume feeding or cafeteria style beverage service, the Perk & Brew program is what you need to promote growth in the specialty coffee category while maximizing profits for the space you have available Perk & Brew is a complete, fully merchandised gourmet coffee program that can be offered in addition to your everyday coffee selection.
    Coffee drinkers are now demanding an upscale, gourmet coffee that delivers appeal and consistent quality. Coffee is no longer just an average "cup of jo", high-end specialty and darker roast coffees recently have seen a surge in popularity. Perk & Brew is the answer to the consumers request for an upscale, specialty coffee.
    Perk & Brew gourmet coffee program will enhance your hot beverage selection simply and efficiently. Perk & Brew has over 20 years experience in the coffee business. Our staff is committed to providing the most for your investment in Perk & Brew program.
    Perk & Brew's program is easy to follow and even easier to maintain. The program is a complete concept that incorporates a quality selection of coffees coupled with strong marketing support.
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