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With over 25 years of coffee roasting experience, Perk & Brew has created and developed over 100 blends and flavors.

Just ask any of our customers who order their weekly fix. They'll tell you that we roast their coffee fresh everyday. Additionally, we only purchase the finest Arabica beans from around the world which is sample roasted and cupped. Our Probat coffee roaster enhances the subtle nuances of this perfect cup assuring them of the finest coffee around.
  • We obtain samples from coffee plantations in coffee producing nations.
  • We roast and sample the coffees.
  • We monitor the market to hedge the price.
  • We arrange shipment (freight forwarding).
  • We wire transfer funds with the appropriate foreign exchange.
  • We secure approval from customs officials for entry into the United States.
  • We arrange intra-state freight trucking.
  • We carefully store the coffee.
  • We roast coffees from your order to assure freshness.
  • We immediately blend, or flavor coffees.
  • We then store the coffees in tight containers for a day to allow the inherent gases to dissipate.
  • We package and box the coffees according to your specification.
  • We stage coffee for shipment.
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